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Swipe Left On Those Unsatisfying Losers 👈
Grass Fed? More Like Grass Flavored!
Melba's Pie Flavored Soda
Pizza Hut
Blueprint Coffee + High Low
Wellbeing Beer
Bud Light Lime
Four Roses Old Fashioned


Is Cheap Toilet Paper Just As Good?
We Made the World's Largest Bath Bomb!
Can We Clog Our Sink With BACON? | VAT19
Feisty Pets Deathmatch | Vat19 Versus! Vol. 1
DIY Giant Gingerbread House Vs. Kids | VAT19
We Destroyed 100 GIANT CHUPA CHUPS Lollipops! 😡
Gummy Worms Vs. Real Worms?! | VAT19
We covered an entire room in putty!
Making a 250 POUND Gummy Pizza! | VAT19


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