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Hi. I’m Adam Huber, commercial director by day and pizza devourer by night. I have a pretty quirky style. I’m cool with that, though I do get a lot of stares. I got my start directing video contests for Poptent, and winning a lot got me access to working with big brands (yippie!) I then moved into the viral video world, working as a producer/director for Here I produced and directed over 1,000 viral videos for their youtube channel, which has over 8 million subscribers and nearly 7 billion views. Vat19 is currently the 2nd largest branded Youtube channel in the world (damn you Lego!). I’d say I learned a thing or two about social media marketing, not to mention I got to touch some really weird stuff (don’t ask).
I’ve started a few youtube channels myself, making digital shorts for Parody Patrol and Travel Adventures for Adam Huber Youtuber (it rhymes!). I see social media as the future and have currently been experimenting with cinematic branding for instagram reels/youtube shorts. Recently, I've taken over Vat19's TikTok channel, growing that audience by 1 million followers in under 6 months.
Brands worked with include: McDonalds, Netflix, Old Spice, Pizza Hut, Bud Light, Liquid Plumr, Charmin, a lot of brands you don’t know, and Vat19.
My short film "Lover's Lookout" received awards for best short film and best cinematography at the 2013 Quirkfest film festival. The film has also screened at numerous festivals across the country including the critically-acclaimed LA Comedy Film Festival. You probably didn’t need to know that but now you know (overshare).

I was once shoved by George Clooney for “being in his way” (brag?).

© 2018 by Adam Huber

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